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Fun Ideas From Providers - Ideas divertidas de nuestros proveedores

Picky-Eaters Words of Wisdom

"If you don't want to taste the peas, mix it all up!" Spoken by one of the children in her care, and shared by Cynthia Goforth-Trevino of Muskegon, MI.

Fishing for Snacks

"Have children dip small pretzel sticks into peanut butter and 'catch' Goldfish crackers." Shared by Shannon Runge of Grawn, MI.

Handy, Economical Smock

"Cut up the middle of the back of a long-sleeved T-shirt. Attach Velcro to both sides of the cut. Easy on, easy off, and easy to clean up!" Shared by Tiffanie Watts of Bronson, MI.

Foot Painting

"Pour tempera paint into a shallow container. Take turns dipping children's feet in the paint then stepping on paper to make prints." Shared by Maria Castillo of Laly's Day Care in Chicago, IL.

Sensory Snack

"First, the children made masks without eye holes. Later that day, they ate snack while wearing their masks so they couldn't see the food. The children described what they felt, smelled, and tasted. Dawn encouraged them to use descriptive words like cold, thick, sweet, crunchy, etc." Shared by Dawn Morgan of Peanut's Daycare in Richmond, MI.

What's Your Name?

"Do you want to help the children learn to recognize their name? Write each child's name on masking tape, which you can stick to their drinking cups. This helps the children learn their names, and no one drinks out of the others' cups. If there are children from the same family, give each child the same color cup." Shared by Marsha Phillips from Iron Mountain, MI.

Banana Splitz

"Peel and slice a banana lengthwise and lay it in a bowl. Top with two ice cream scoops of lowfat yogurt. Serve toppings on the side that the children can choose from to add to their treat, such as sliced strawberries, blueberries, and crisp rice cereal. (Other toppings: granola, Grape Nuts cereal, flaked coconut, melon, diced apple, diced grapes, raisins*, chopped nuts*.) Shared by Rita Smith of Rochester, MI.

* - This food is a choking hazard for children under the age of 4 years.

Garden Delight

"Plant, water, harvest, and eat the 'fruits' of your labor. The children eat vegetables better, and we try new vegetables all the time." Shared by Rhonda Jackson of Flint, MI.

From Start to Finish

"Instead of buying a new shelf to hold our microwave and bread box, the children in my care and I made our own. The children helped stain the wood and took turns nailing the pieces together. They liked seeing the wood grain and knots show up as they stained the wood." Shared by Brenda Walters of Ludington, MI.

Homemade Bird Feeder

"Since the weather has been warmer we have been doing lots of exiting things outside... like making our own bird feeders to go along with our letter of the week - B. Cut a piece of wire mesh to 10in x 12in (adult only). Roll the mesh into a cylinder and secure it with bread ties. Drill four small holes in two plastic planter drip trays or plastic lids from coffee cans (adult only). Secure the bottom drip pan to the cylinder with ties. Tie a shoe string to one side of the top of the cylinder, string it through the top drip pan on both sides, and tie to the other side of the cylinder. This will be the hanger. The children can decorate the drip pans with stickers before you fill it up with bird seed. We've had finches. cardinals, and even two woodpeckers visit us daily." Shared by Stephanie Belffy, assistant to Patty Johnson of Edwardsburg, MI.

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