The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) is a federal program administered by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to ensure that children and adults enrolled at participating child care centers, child care homes, and adult daycare centers get the best possible nutrition and to assist them in establishing healthy eating habits for life. The program also provides meals to children residing in emergency shelters and snacks and suppers to youth in eligible after-school care programs. The CACFP plays a vital role in improving the quality of all of these services and making them more affordable for low-income families.
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Child care homes and centers must sign an agreement with a sponsoring organization in order to participate in CACFP. The Association for Child Development is a sponsor in both Michigan and Illinois. Although federally funded, it is administered at the state level by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) and the Michigan Department of Education (MDE)
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Learn more about our in-person and online training opportunities available to parents and providers exclusive to Michigan.
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Participation Benefits

There is no cost to participate in the Child and Adult Care Food Program with ACD. Together, ACD and the CACFP help child care providers in Illinois and Michigan by offering partial monetary reimbursement for the cost of the food they serve and training them in making the best nutritional choices possible when feeding children.

Monetary Reimbursement

You receive partial monetary reimbursement for serving nutritious meals and snacks to the children in your care.

Nutrition Training

You receive nutrition training, including informational handouts about nutrition and healthy child development.

Potpourri Subscription

You receive ACD's monthly, nationally-known magazine, Potpourri. This newsletter tailored to meet the needs of child care providers participating in the CACFP contains articles about child nutrition and development, educational activities, crafts, recipes, consumer updates, budgeting ideas, testimonies from other child care professionals, and more.

Complimentary Organizational Materials

You receive ACD's annual desktop calendar / record keeper, a free organizational tool to help you run your child care business smoothly during the year and get a head start on tax preparation.

Field Monitor Review

You are reviewed by your Field Monitor a minimum of three times a year to ensure that each child is being served nutritious meals and/or snacks, monitor compliance with CACFP regulations, and provide you nutrition training. These reviews are an opportunity to ask questions and receive one-on-one assistance with menu planning, documenting acceptable claims, and learning more about child nutrition.

Master Menu System

You have the option of using ACD's time-saving system for recording meals and snacks on your reimbursement claims. Our Master Menu lists common breakfast, lunch/dinner, and snack options with corresponding reference codes, so when you fill out your claims, you simply write the reference code of the meals or snacks you serve.

Online Claiming Software

You have the option of submitting your monthly claims electronically. ACD offers its providers an online claiming software called KidKare, which eliminates postage costs and the need to fill in bubble forms and reduces the risk of loss of reimbursement due to human error.
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